We’re hiring

Hassett Homes is a young, dynamic house builder who is taking a fresh approach to building homes for the modern way of life whilst ensuring minimal impact to the environment and wildlife.

If you would like to work with a house builder who is changing the way homes are built for now and the future, then this is the role you have been looking for.

We recognise that the fast pace of modern living
can mean we find less time to stop and appreciate
life’s moments, and our environment. That’s why
every home we design has a sense of place, and
a sense of space.

Our homes feature beautifully designed spaces that
encourage a simpler, yet richer way of living – a life
of joy and ease, while considering a gentler impact
on the environment. This simpler approach informs
everything we do.

We care about our home buyers’ experience, how their home looks and feels which is as much about building a better life as it is about building a better home. This is why our homes are built on values that underpin every decision we make.

From the relationships with our team, our customers, our craftsmen and our neighbours, home building gives us a profound sense of fulfilment. Everyday we strive to provide better shared environments and support communities with a sense of social consciousness and a level of integrity, respect and compassion for the world in which we live.

Each of us at Hassett Homes share in a strongly held belief that every new home is an opportunity to create a place with purpose that promotes a fuller and richer life.

This is our legacy.

“We believe your home should be your happy place, where family and friends belong, love resides and memories are made.

Everything we do is guided by this belief, that there is a better way to live, and it’s my privilege every day to help make that happen.”