Maximising the Potential of Your Land.


Buying & Selling


Land is a necessity to our business and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities. 

We consider all types of land and in any condition, whether it’s an existing property with a large garden, a property that could form a larger opportunity with neighbours and both greenfield or brownfield sites. We’ll also look at former factories, industrial sites, old offices, or old buildings where there is the potential for redevelopment. We have the skills and expertise to unlock the true value of any site.  

Whilst we prefer straight forward sites, we don’t shy away from a challenge. We’re a team of problem solvers and will find solutions to resolve any issues a landowner may have, whether it’s a landlocked site, requires remediation or has planning issues.   

We work with landowners in a proactive manner and construct deals that suit their needs, with the main aim of unlocking the true value of a site, and ensuring we deliver on our promise.


0.5 – 3 acres

6-30 units

Greenfield or Brownfield 

Mainly in residential built up areas

Existing properties with large gardens







West Lancashire

Why work with us



An excellent track record in securing planning permission through our highly skilled team of professionals.

Maximise Value

Able to offer top value for sites through the efficient structure of our business and innovative ways of working with landowners.


Fast and efficient and we don’t waste time. We can move as fast as landowners need us too.

Financial Strength

We have the financial strength and capability to deliver. 


Trustworthy, open and honest. We say it how it is and are always straight to the point. 


Working closely with landowners to put deals together that suit their needs, from outright purchases to joint ventures.

Problem Solvers

A team of problem solvers. No site is too complicated for Hassett Homes. 


We stick to what we know. Our team has extensive knowledge in the property and home building industry. 


We believe that a good deal is one where both sides are satisfied. We will always work to ensure everyone is happy. 

Case Study


Prenton, Wirral

The Scheme & Issues

1 acre site

6 homes

£2,000,000 scheme

Landlocked site 

No planning

Minimal land value

 How we dealt with it  

Through our contact base and experience of similar cases, we were able to conclude negotiations with adjoining landowners to purchase additional land to provide access to the site.

We came up with a sensitive planning proposal that both maximised the potential of the site, whilst at the same time satisfied the planners and the local residents.


Through a detailed pre-application approach, we secured planning within a 2 month timeframe.

We unlocked the true potential of the landowners site and successfully increased the land value by 375%.

We acted quickly and completed the purchase of the site within 6 weeks of receiving planning permission, once the statutory Judicial Review period had passed.


Unlocked the site for development

Negotiated planning consent

Maximised Land value for owner by 375%

Get in touch


If you have a piece of land and want to discuss it with us, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Hassett Homes team.

We’re approachable and always happy to meet with a landowner or agent.

From an initial meeting, we’ll be able to understand your needs and wants and tailor a proposal that suits all parties.

You can either email us, drop us a call, or simply fill in the land enquiry form below and we will get in touch at a time that is convenient for you.